Who We Are

Established in 2001, Investments Home Company (IHC) is one of Europe’s prominent technology- focused investment groups with over US$500million assets under management. We assist and empower European entrepreneurs as well as Asia Pacific venture capitalists to form global transformational technology companies. IHC is also an early-stage venture capital firm that capitalizes and advances in creative thinkers with transformative concepts and designs.

While we love immediate success, we are intensely conscious that immensity comes in numerous arrangements and at diverse periods. That is why we’re not frightened to interrupt the growth to bring a bit remarkable to existence.

A Distinctive Venture Capital Fund
Investments Home Company (IHC) is a distinctive and inimitable venture capital fund formed to accommodate the expansive partners of IHC and other private investors, who aspire and desire to receive significant access to, and capitalize in with IHC, in an exceptionally custom-made model. The model is built on senior-secured loans to technology companies in their development phase, where the funding provided is made-to-measure to the company’s fiscal requirements. Our loans heighten growth and diminish equity erosion for originators and executive equally.
We connect the opening between the domains of monetary organizations and groundbreaking start-ups. IHC is also a cross-stage venture fund that also devotes and capitalizes in worldwide Financial- Technology (FinTech) businesses and corporations together with prominent venture investors. We take along together financial organizations and ground-breaking startups to hasten and speed up the rejuvenation and digitization of financial organizations and upkeep the evolution and development of these FinTech companies.
IHC is a multi-strategy private credit fund providing supple credit elucidations for corporations and businesses in high-growth markets, lengthening and encompassing their advantage for development. We offer and deliver pioneering, made-to-order credit solutions to middle, late and growth-stage businesses and corporations, through numerous central investment means including Venture and Unconventional Loaning. Since 2001, IHC has effectively accomplished and concluded over 30dealings and dedicated about US$200 million to South and Southeast Asian companies with considerable revenue and development impetus and energy.

Our Investment Group
With unfathomable financial transactions, commercial and technological involvement and understanding, the IHC team like outstanding contact to a comprehensive deal-flow of breaks and prospects, and has developed the “financier of choice” to numerous of the regions’ most encouraging businesses and corporations .We, at IHC, deal private investors right to use the prevailing principal technology-dedicated investment clusters and IHC partners in the regions which the latter is as elect venture fund with a varied and expanded portfolio custom-made exclusively for private investors, family organizations and associations.
Our solid and steadfast emphasis is constructing category-defining end user and consumer-related trades and dealings through persistent, enhanced development in these regions. To do this, we influence our profound involvement in both capitalizing and processes, and work in dynamic cooperation and partnership with the frontrunners of our businesses and corporations.
We are assisted and supported by prominent universal institutional investors from all over the world and make available durable, world-class proceeds by recognizing and following striking investment prospects on effervescent technology industry located in the South and Southeast Asian regions including Africa and the Middle Eastern regions. Our fixated, detached investment arms each functions autonomously with a committed and steadfast venture capital group, diverse investors and portfolio corporations, but shares access to value-added amenities and authorities.

Why Choose Us?
IHC offers and delivers the following amenities and solutions in providing venture capital funds:
• In return for venture credits, we obtain a slight equity portion to pay off for their risk. It is also why we openly and honestly upkeep about our businesses and corporations succeeding - we accurately have a part in their accomplishment. It’s a factual partnership and we are with them for the long heave, even over and done with thought-provoking periods.
• Equated and likened to equity financing - venture due sustain lesser amount of erosion for the originators and it’s fewer costly in the extended time.
• Corporations and businesses can utilize venture loaning to connect their means to the subsequent round or to cost-effectiveness, or to complete an equity funding round. They can also utilize venture loaning to fund acquirements, fusions and other extension ideas.

Our Mission

IHC’s mission and desire is to empower our universal capitalists and financiers to construct international transformational technology companies. To do this constantly and steadily, we go further than just financing, but offer and deliver the following value-add amenities that support our businesspersons with the advantage they require to flourish in the international ground:

  • Universal Linkage - Technology and industrial environment to aid and benefit our portfolio firms and corporations access clienteles, sales conduits and strategic allies and associates, as well as sourcing ability.
  • Contact to the International Technology Venture capitalist Bionetwork - From universal Venture Capital firms to international development investors, Private Equity businesses, Debt sources and strategic and business shareholders and stockholders.
  • Information - Awareness and Paramount Applications on technology and market movements and developments, collectively with IHC data structure - extremely valued when structuring and constructing a worldwide technology firm and corporation.
  • Community - Our corporations profit from being a fragment of a wide-ranging, energetic family of businesspersons and senior manager across the portfolio and our more than 15 investment specialists and experts, and from facts enhancement through our IHC’s investment platform and package.
Industrialists and businesspersons of high-growth industries and experienced industry senior managers decide on to partner with IHC for the reason that our emphasis on structuring and constructing corporations the factual means, customer-by-customer, for the long pulls. Collectively, we shape and construct world-class businesses and corporations that provide unusual outcomes and effects.

What Makes Our VC Model Special?

We’re sponsored and supported by prominent international banks, insurance firms and asset managers from Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific. This enables us to function diligently with our investors to hasten and fast-track financial assimilation (the execution and alteration of ground-breaking solutions by financial organizations and foundations).

At IHC, we have an extremely knowledgeable management group with a resilient training and experience in investment, financial transactions and private enterprise.

What We Look For

We are seeking and considering the utmost encouraging and auspicious technology corporations with substantial ground-breaking concepts and designs that can lead to transformational businesses. We are aiming and concentrating in businesses in the best striking regions in the technology space in markets with substantial prospect, ready for interference. We trust and have faith in that the organizers and the executive team, who are corresponding instituting team, track record of distinction with determination and competences to gauge, are the most significant feature and element of a rightly prosperous corporation.

Stage of Companies
IHC is a cross-stage fiscally technology-focused venture account, supporting revenue-stage technology corporations through various segments - capitalizing in startups at the point where close support and collaboration with monetary organizations will activate enhanced and substantial development and progression. Funding and bankrolling is offered and delivered to a corporation to be recompensed over period (remunerated) or at the conclusion of specified terms of compensation.

We’re Co-investors
As a co-investment endowment and account, we either co-lead a venture capital or emanate in after a primary recognized venture capitalist.

Areas of Investment
  • Businesses with international bearings by means of cutting-edge technologies (solid and resilient technological IP) to decipher problems originating from inadequacies activated by guideline, physical labor or redundant and superfluous intermediaries;
  • B2B businesses in areas such as “Technology for funding”, Indemnity technology, capital and asset administration, stages for liquidity, obedience, Technology for Small and Medium Enterprises positioned in extraordinary growth markets; and,
  • Ground-breaking solutions to rationalize and modernize the digitization and innovation of large fundamental schemes and structures.

Selection Standards
The following are IHC’s criteria and benchmarks for choosing companies for venture capital funding:
  • Qualified and knowledgeable teams with resilient technology, state-of-the-art go-to-market or delivery plan and scheme and with at slightest a preliminary product-market suitability and monitoring proper.
  • Businesses that have adequate incomes and considerable equity foundation that allows the corporation to endure a credit and with capability to arrange for surety, respectively;
  • Development stage technology companies functioning in worldwide markets demonstrating striking exit opening and prospect;
  • Durable product distinction with a technological lead and prospective as well as latent for headship and management in their kind and classification; and,
  • Prevailing occupational model with extraordinary growth proportions.


Our investment beliefs and values take a well-organized methodology to generating development and advancement by undertaking the following:

  • Emphasis on Growth - 100% of our hard work is dedicated on serving unusual brands realize their potential over viable, enduring development and progress.
  • Value Added Associates - We have devoted the last 15 years to serving and aiding our firms sail across an progressively intricate and data rich customer background and setting; and,
  • Classification Outlining Brands - Our investment scheme is based and established on associating with brands that are identical and tantamount with distinction in their classifications, and have extremely devoted clienteles as a consequence and outcome.

At IHC, we seek to invest in demonstrated and distinguished consumer-focused dealings with the following characteristics and individualities:

  • Classification outlining brands with extraordinary consumer trustworthiness;
  • Noteworthy prospective for development in numerous stations of delivery and dissemination; and,
  • Resilient company principles and values.

Also, we associate with businesses to a determines development through a diversity of business deal arrangements and configurations, including: Management purchases; Recapitalizations; and, widely held or substantial marginal proprietorship stakes.

Our most important parts of concern comprise, but not restricted to: Dynamic lifestyle brands; Business amenities; Customer merchandises/amenities; Direct advertising; Learning; Food and beverage; Health and wellness; Marketing amenities; Eateries; Field media; Line sales; and, Value-added supply and delivery.


  • Our method and style is Personal
    We provide a very initiated and made to order investment method between our investments and its shareholders. We function like a private banking shop within the savings account environment. For those who are concerned and attracted, we welcome participation, direct contact and association with the corporations we are visible and wide-open in our portfolio, and recurrent personal apprises on our venture capital fund.  Our team considers and deals the investment as a pre-emptive, practical effort and work. IHC characteristically leads or co-leads investments and takes a dynamic part on the Board of Directors while observing a near to the ground proportion of corporations per associate.

    We don’t consider and rely on in a one-size-fits-all method, but there are rare fundamentals inherent to who we are and in what manner we function. And these ideals and principles weren’t manufactured out in midcourse; they’re tough made over the precedingl5 years.  Great performance, little self-image - The old saying “actions speak louder than words” is factual within IHC’s barriers, and in our dealings and interfaces with firms and corporations out in the rough. Verses like "unassuming" and "operational" are repeatedly utilized to define our partners, and that’s acceptable by us. We’ll dispense with the self-importance to the others.  Individuals are more than data and figures - A varied team means we bring wide-ranging views and standpoints to the board. And that board welcomes out-of-the-box discerning, vigorous discussion, and individuals from all walks of life. It’s our singular and distinct circumstances and wellbeing that enlighten our joint method, which extents businesses, peers, and shores. In short, our variety and multiplicity is who we are and what we organize and look after.

    We, at IHC, resolutely trust and consider that two heads are superior to one. So even though our shareholders flourish in 1:1 partnerships, our corporations also have the backing of the whole IHC team at anytime, anywhere. We will muster and assemble our complete set-up in the staffing of your executive team. We will also link and tie you up with the correct and true partner or coworker if there is a need for functioning guidance to convey a product to shop.

    We take care of you as if we take care of ourselves—with reverence, placidity, and uprightness—even if it is occasionally not what you need to listen to. It’s this method that creates and marks our portfolio companies more like family, for the reason that we’re not frightened to get in the pick over and support decipher big difficulties and complications. We are extremely conscious that our accomplishment centers on your achievement, so we do anything it takes.  Our objective is to increase value to your procedure, and support you cultivate in ways you could not be unaided. That is why you will at no time see us reserving assemblies and conferences just to check a box or “grasp how things are working.” We’ll by now know, for the reason that that’s the kind of affiliation we have with our businesses and corporations. 
  • Unique Investment Model
    Investments Home Company (IHC) obtains significant access for capitalizing in our funds, with a distinct and unusual configuration to disregard double dues and charges. The benefit for IHC Partners shareholders is that it is yet they are capitalizing openly and unswervingly in any one of our venture capital funds, devoid of having to obligate to the greater least investments. Our portfolio is a multi¬strategy, multi-investment phase varied portfolio, ensuing in lesser investment threat. 
  • Areas of Investment
    We participate and capitalize in handpicked direct co-investment prospects with IHC funds. We may also invest in particular other investment openings and occasions, which are not contained by our other funds’ investment policies and schemes. We capitalize through a number of basic and fundamental market sectors including, among others, Enterprise Software/SaaS, AI, Cloud Infrastructure, Financial Technology, Frontier Technologies (automotive, IOT, AR/VR, UAVs), Immense Data, Digital Means, Consumer Amenities, Semiconductors and more.
  • Co-investment Opportunities
    Our mission at IHC is to associate and affiliate early with technology startups corporations from launch and initiation. Characteristically, we invest as the original and initial established money with suppleness about seed, A, B rounds from US$0.5 million -US$3.0 million. We propose and deal our investors numerous co-investment breaks and prospects during the course of the year, together with co-investment prospects that set and permit our investors to openly and unswervingly join in sure investments which are managed by IHC.
  • How We Support our Portfolio Companies
    Our venture capital team at IHC has immense and enormous knowledge and involvement in working with growth-stage corporations to form and construct organic and non-organic development ideas and policies, gauge processes, reinforce management teams and generate business associations and affiliations with universal leaders.
  • Generally,
    We are proactively involved for each of our portfolio firms and have assisted and facilitated guidance many of them to worldwide financial accomplishment; and, We function with our businesses to frame and put into words scheme in order to realize and attain greater incomes.



We make the most of in individuals, and that originates with taking on and engaging the paramount team with extraordinary and up in the air consciousness and sentimentalities. Our reliance at Investments Home Company (IHC) is that we need to modify and make over the world and have eagerness and preference while undergoing such makeover.

IHC is proud to be resolute at the highest level to indistinguishable rights and existence and philosophies to put our ideologies into utilization by functioning meticulously with our community of originators, associated Venture Capitalists, industry policy groups and technology leaders to determine and legitimize account amendment.

Interested candidates may submit their application letters with their curriculum vitae at: info@investmentshome.com


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